Faces of FOSS: Charles Orellana

Charles Orellana

Swim Teacher
Niles, IL

What is your favorite color?


What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

Rainbow Sherbet

What is your favorite food?


What is your favorite swim skill?:


What is your favorite part of working for FOSS?:

Get to talk to funny swimmers that have great personalities and morph a person that is hydrophobic into an Olympian gold medalist one day!

What is the team member’s favorite FOSS story?
Having a class one quarter of adult swimmers who were terrified of water, and bestowing them the ability to accomplish a side breath and backstroke by the end of the 12 week commitment. The overall feeling of accomplishment I see from their successes is why I enjoy being here everyday!

What is your personal favorite water activity?:

Water boxing! I love fitness and it is what I do when I have a break or outside of FOSS. It’s fun to use my caffeinated energy in the water!

Tell a story about a student who experienced a major “lightbulb” moment when the team member was with them.
I recently had a Big 4 swimmer struggling on mastering their butterfly arms. Week after week, we took the time to really break down each step and help show where the connection was getting lost in translation. Once they understood the missing link, they were flying! We gave each other the biggest high five and the confidence just went up to a whole new level. Watch out Michael Phelps there is a new prodigy in the making here at Niles!

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