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An Ideal Learn-To-Swim Environment

Every element of our schools was custom-designed to make the ideal environment for learning to happen. And it’s a difference you’ll notice. From walking in the front door to showers when you change. From the water temperature to the parent- and sibling-friendly waiting area. And everything in between.

91º Warm Water

Most pools are kept between 83 and 86 degrees, but at Foss we keep ours at a tropical 91º—because nothing ruins a good swimming lesson quite like the chills.

Watch Your Swimmer's Lessons

We encourage parents to sit poolside to watch lessons. If the tropical environment isn’t for you, we offer a viewing room, WiFi, children’s books, and family-friendly movies.

Teaching Pools

Our pools come with kid-friendly stairs, movable islands and lanes. And with a maximum depth of 4 feet, all ages will feel comfortable in the pool.

Deck Staff

During lessons, there’s a manager on the pool deck. Period. The manager is available to evaluate your child’s progress, answer questions, and be there for your family.

Changing Areas

We also offer roomy private changing stalls and showers to ensure privacy for kids big and small.

Office Staff

These are your people. Have a question? Any question. They’ll get you an answer. Need help? Goggles. Flippers. An extra towel. They’re experts on all things swimming.

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