Skills for a lifetime of confidence

Foss Swim School: The science of swimming and the art of learning.

Jon and Susan Foss founded Foss Swim School in 1993 to teach swimming as child enrichment – a foundation for a lifetime of fun, safety, and physical, social, and mental benefits. 

Laughter is at the heart of our unique curriculum, and graduation reflects confidence and mastery.


A swim school

We offer everything you expect of a modern swim school: thoroughly-trained teachers, warm water, private changing areas, and pools purpose-built for learning. 

We also offer a unique FOSS experience you can’t get anywhere else.

A school approach:

We teach in quarters, place students in classes of similar age and ability, our teachers stay with classes for the full quarter, and we work towards graduation as a strong swimmer – not just passing levels. 

The Swim Path™ curriculum:

Our unique program personalizes a path to create the best experience for your student quarter by quarter as they master key skills from day one to graduation.  Learn more.

Great teachers and people:

We hand-pick teachers and staff who are outgoing, love working with kids, and who are driven to help others succeed by delivering progress and fun the FOSS way. 

Personal passion for safety:

Co-founder Jon Foss was taught to respect the water and embrace swimming by his mother, who lost a sibling to drowning. Our curriculum and approach make safety a top priority and recognize that kids learn to swim best when they learn to love water. 

What to expect at Foss Swim School

Foss Swim School is committed to delivering the optimal learning environment for students and families.

Natural learning cadence:  
Like a school, students learn to swim in quarters, take breaks between quarters, and can take time off without being tied to a monthly fee.

Swimming is all we do. It isn’t one activity on a list, and we aren’t a franchise selling a system. Swimming is the passion and mission of our co-founders who still lead us. 

We understand the relationship between teacher and student leads to success. Our teachers know their kids and help them progress when they are ready.  

A place kids want to be:
We offer a learning environment that is fun, clean, and safe. 

Effective, well-trained staff and teachers
Effective, well-trained staff and teachers
91-degree pools set up to optimize learning
91-degree pools set up to optimize learning
Clean air and water
Clean air and water
Well-designed showers and family changing spaces
Well-designed showers and family changing spaces

Swim with us Fall Quarter!

Enrollment for Fall is now open! 

Swimming Today

Group, Private and Semi-Private Classes 

  1. Support Social Distancing: Fewer classes that normal swim at any given time to support social distance in both group and private classes. 
  2. Private Classes: Private and Semi-Private class options can provide more distance as well as potentially speed the process of becoming more confident and safer around water. 
  3. Private Lesson Students Experience: Undivided attention, student specific lesson plans, pacing and progress. Learn More

COVID Safety First

We are safely welcoming employees and families to the pools.

Safety is at the core of what we do.

We have been and will continue to work in conjunction with local Departments of Health, following local guidelines with our comprehensive safety first plan to ensure that we have a safer environment for everyone. 

Fall Quarter: Sept 9 - Dec 23

Enrollment for Fall Private and Semi private lessons, as well as Small Group Lessons is now open! 


Enroll for Winter beginning NOV 17 for classes that start January 2, 2021.