Faces of FOSS: Daisy Winfrey

Daisy Winfrey

Swim Teacher & Head Receptionist
Elmwood Park, IL

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My favorite story that I tell a lot is about a student of mine who is on the spectrum. When we first met 5 years ago, she was nonverbal & everyone would try to help her swim, but no one just talked to her about how great she was doing or what she needed to improve on (I was still shadowing at the time).

She really took a liking to me and would only want me to help her swim after a while on the big barbell but refused to put her face in the water. After the session was over, we decided to try private lessons, we started off slow, with doing cups and working on hiding our face in the bucket.

After a lot of positive affirmations and breaking that fear she has turned into one of my greatest success stories. She is now doing all 4 strokes; she just got the ring for the first time ever and she talks to me and a few of our coworkers. I am so proud of her and all the work we have put in.

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