Faces of FOSS: Indigo Rowland

Indigo Rowland
Swim Teacher, Deck Assistant, and Enrollment Specialist
Maple Grove, MN


What is your favorite part of working for Foss?:

The community I have found and formed with my co-workers!

What is your favorite FOSS story?

I had a really hard day and when I came into work, I was able to get a huge hug from my co-workers. When I got into the pool, my outside life faded away and I was able to really love and help all of my students. I ended up with having a good day due to all of my kids and they all made me smile and laugh and shake my head at all the crazy stories.

What is your personal favorite water activity?

I love doing anything that involves diving underwater, so I love diving for rings/toys and racing my neighbors to see who can get the most! I also love playing volleyball in the pool on the 4th of July because it always evolves into a fun, competitive match between the adults and kids that is just as fun to play in as it is to watch!

Can you recount a student of yours who experienced a major “lightbulb” moment when you were with them? 

One of the most meaningful interactions I have had with a student in recent memory was when one of my kids mastered his side breath all by himself! He started the quarter incredibly nervous in the water and needed me to walk next to him when he swam. The first time he ever did a side breath by himself without my help and without touching the ground, he looked at me with wide eyes and had an amazed and shocked look on his face. He couldn’t believe he had done that and was so excited! It made me incredibly happy to see him push past that barrier and his joy was infections. I couldn’t stop thinking “this is why I’m here, moments like this are why I love what I do.”

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