Good News from the Pool 2021: Reflections from FOSS

As 2021 comes to a close, even with all the challenges our communities faced during the year, we at FOSS feel grateful for all the things that went well. We asked our employees to reflect on the year that was, what made them feel good, and what positive lessons we can take forward.

We hope sharing some of the good news we experienced at FOSS with our families will give us all a boost into 2022, when we hope to experience more good things like:

Seeing former FOSS students do amazing things at home and abroad

“Here are a couple good news items many of us can appreciate!

First, seeing Regan Smith, a FOSS student, compete at the Olympics in Tokyo this summer, where she earned two silver and one bronze medal! (And did you see the clip they aired on TV of her practicing the butterfly at a Foss Swim School?)

Second, seeing a FOSS student tell her story of a making a life-saving move when her brother was struggling in a pool. Safety is at the heart of our program at FOSS, and this shows why.”

— Josef S.


Getting back to normal (as much as we can

“2021 was a tough year for us all. We navigated through various government restrictions and did our best to always offer what we could to our FOSS families. Things still aren’t ‘normal,’ but since things have started to look a bit more like we are used to I have noticed how thankful FOSS families are for our staff and our teachers.

It means a lot to know we make an impact on a daily basis. Our teachers are role models and heroes to our students, and we are thankful for the opportunity to get to work with them!”

— Patrick A.


“I’ve enjoyed watching our teachers make relationships with swimmers and watching them make relationships with one another as well!”

— Leah

And all our teachers love getting fan art from their students:


And, of course, appreciation for all members of our extended FOSS family

Most of all, we are grateful for another year teaching swimming to our students and their families. We appreciate your enthusiasm, effort, and energy, and we especially appreciate your patience and flexibility as we’ve adapted to everything 2021 threw our way.

After these last few years, we are confident we can handle any challenge, and we look forward to continuing to help our students master swim skills. We wish you a safe, wonderful 2022 and hope it is filled with opportunities to have fun in the water!


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