Faces of FOSS: Jessica Harris

Jessica Harris
Shift Coordinator
Ankeny, IA


Do you have a nickname your students call you?

Miss Jess

What is your favorite part of working for FOSS?

The community of families that we have.

What is your favorite FOSS story?

When we started at FOSS Ankeny, I had a swimmer that refused to get in the pool. With an added perk of private lessons at the time, I was able to work with that swimmer at their level. The first couple weeks we just played in the water. A few weeks down the road, that swimmer was building the courage to swim on a barbell and then a noodle. Jumping ahead a year at Ankeny, this swimmer is very confident in the water!

What is your favorite level to teach?

All the levels; I feel comfortable with teaching anyone and everyone!

What is your favorite skill to teach and let us know why?

I love teaching the safety stroke. Kids enjoying going long distances when they start building their confidence in themselves. I love seeing the excitement when they are able to do the long lane as a challenge.

What is your personal favorite water activity? 

I love kayaking and paddle boarding. My husband and I enjoy floating the rivers of Iowa during the dead of summer. Floating around listening to the bugs and frogs with the faint sound of the radio is very relaxing to me.

Can you recount a student of yours who experienced a major “lightbulb” moment when you were with them? 

I had a swimmer that was working on Humpty Dumpty, and was very nervous to go underwater. After working on slow entries, I was able to convince him to fall into the noodle. When I tell you that the excitement from EVERYONE was there to see this swimmer fall into the water by themselves would be an understatement. We had classmates and their parents cheering for this swimmer, and he was very excited to do them for the remainder of our time together! The excitement was alive from everyone to the last day of our quarter.

What else would you like to tell prospective parents about working with FOSS?

FOSS is more than just swimming lessons. It gives your child a community to be a part of that encourages swimmers to do their best. We strive to have kids to “Love Water” as much we do, in the most fun possible!

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