Faces of FOSS: Kayla Schintz

Kayla Schintz
Woodbury, MN

What is your favorite part of working for FOSS?

I love working with kids—seeing them love the water makes me remember how much I loved the water as a kid!

What is your favorite level to teach and why?  

I love Littles! Getting them to love water, even when they may start off scared, is the best feeling. It’s getting their eyes in the water while scooping and kicking that gives them to confidence to continue to improve.

Can you recount a student of yours who experienced a breakthrough moment when you were with them? What was it? 

Miss Ruby—her and I have been together since I started here at FOSS. She recently had a scare in the water, and we were able to go two steps forward after she had went two steps back. After the incident, she was so scared to do anything in the water. We worked together and were able to improve and even level-up recently. She gained trust in me and learned to love the water again. And better yet, mom is happy with her progress! Ruby shows up every week, ready to learn and do better. Together, Ruby and I are a team and she always makes me smile.

What is your favorite swim lesson activity to do with kids and why? 

I love to just have fun with the kids—being creative and coming up with crazy stories and laughing and having fun with them. All while practicing an important lifelong skill.

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