Grandparents Love Foss Swim School, Too!

Hundreds of families come through our doors each week at FOSS. And though many of our students are accompanied by their parents, we also see grandparents hanging out poolside and becoming actively involved in their swimmer’s journey, which we absolutely love!

Foss Swim School has been teaching swimmers to swim and swim well for more than 25 years, which means we weren’t yet around when most of our swimmers’ grandparents were young. We spoke with a couple of longtime FOSS grandparents about how swim lessons have changed since they were kids (hint: warmer!) and why they bring their grandkids to FOSS session after session.

Three of Jana Gaffer’s four grandkids are FOSS students. (The fourth was just born in March, so isn’t quite ready for Backfloat Baby® classes!)

The tradition started as a birthday gift. Jana and her husband wanted to give their 5-year-old grandson something that would last longer and be more meaningful than just another toy. And as boat owners, they wanted to make sure he could have fun with them around the water while also practicing good water safety. Jana gifted her grandson a certificate for FOSS swim lessons, and four years later, the family swimming tradition continues. Here’s what Jana had to say:

What was it like learning to swim when you were a child?

I started swimming at a public pool at age 4. I loved to swim, but the lessons were boring and scary for me. I remember being cold all the time. We also had a community pool, and I didn’t like those lessons. The teachers were not very fun. But I was lucky to have all those opportunities to swim, as most of my friends did not have the same.

What do you like about Foss Swim School?

My favorite thing is how FOSS teaches kids right away what to do if they fall into the water. This was our original concern for our grandkids, and they were learning what to do even as infants.

I also enjoy how they build such a great relationship between child and teacher—having small classes is also such a plus. They learn at a much faster rate and are always engaged. Learning to swim should be fun, and FOSS does that in so many ways.

What fun activities does swimming well enable in your family?

After the first swimming session for our original FOSS swimmer, he was able to go snorkeling with us on vacation. Now, both of our grandsons swim and dive and snorkel on all of our trips, and I know our granddaughter won’t be too far behind on the next trip. Our big goal is to take a sailing trip with all of them in the near future.

Like Jana, FOSS grandparent Kathy Johnson also experienced cold swimming lessons as a child. Instead of a warm indoor pool like we have at every Foss Swim School, many of Kathy’s childhood lessons took place on a Minnesota lake! Brrr!

Kathy’s grandchildren have been taking lessons at FOSS for almost eight years now. She’s loved watching them progress through our levels and develop stronger swimming skills. Here’s what Kathy had to say:

Why is it important for you as a grandparent to know your grandkids are equipped with safer swimming techniques?  

I feel that swimming is an important skill for everyone to have. The skills my grandchildren learn at FOSS will last a lifetime. And the pace at which they learn those skills has been amazing to watch.

What do you like about Foss Swim School?  

We love the way the teachers interact with the kids. They make learning fun! And of course we love the warm water!

What fun activities does swimming well enable in your family?

We love to spend time at our cabin in the summer. Boating, swimming and fishing are a few activities that the kids love to do when at the lake. Swimming is also a great way for them to burn up their never-ending energy!

Kids can learn to swim at FOSS no matter who accompanies them to lessons. To give your grandchild the gift of swimming, purchase a gift card or  enroll them for classes today.

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