Swimming Lessons Now, Fun in the Future!

Any time is the right time for learning to swim, of course. Swimming has been shown to have a positive impact on health, child development, and safety.

But in our view, the biggest benefit of swimming is how it opens the door to confidently participating in a wide range of activities on and near the water.

Take a moment to fantasize about warm-weather vacations and all the things your family will do in the coming weeks and months. Here’s a not-too-scientific look at some of the things that your family can be ready for when your child is a stronger swimmer!

Fun is FOSSible

Here are some real quotes from FOSS families about how swim lessons now give them more confidence for:


“I love practicing my swimming so I can go swim in Papa’s pool.”


“[My son] was able to be part of this experience, and my husband was able to watch his son have so much joy and participate in this family activity.”


“I grew up going up to Lake Michigan and swimming off my grandparents’ sailboat. Swimming was such a special part of my childhood that I want my son to have the same love for swimming.”


“I love swimming so I can go snorkeling during vacation.”


“Our son started swimming classes at the age of 4 at FOSS Swim School. Now, at 6 ½ yrs, he is a good swimmer and was able to have a great time in Wisconsin Dells!”


“…I took swimming lessons and enjoyed it. I even swam in the ocean and saw fish!”


“Swimming lessons have made our summers at the lake safer and so much more fun.”


“After the first lesson he was finally excited to go back and halfway through the summer we went to Cub Scout Camp for the first time and he had the confidence to pass the beginner swim test there!”

What will learning to swim open up for your family? We can’t wait to help you find out!

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