FACES OF FOSS: Cathy Gumila

Cathy Gumila
Site Director
South Barrington, IL

How long have you worked for FOSS?
Three years! It was a fun journey going from instructor to site coordinator to office manager. Loving the process and every position I’ve been in!

What is your favorite part of working for FOSS?
It’s so much fun! I love all the laughs and connections I get to create with everyone I interact with!

Can you share a story about a swimmer having that lightbulb moment?
My first session teaching, my five-year-old swimmer was afraid to put her face in the water. It wasn’t until we were looking for the mermaids swimming that she was able to master the skill! It was so exciting to see her come up from the water and say, “I saw the pink mermaid!” Everyone was clapping for her and from that day on, she was able to confidently swim with her head in the water.

What is your favorite skill to teach and why?
My favorite skill to teach is Swim Flip Swim! It’s very important for the kiddos to learn that they can flip onto their back for safety. It’s also a fun way to pretend to be Trolls and splash and hide from the bad guys!

What is your personal favorite water activity?
I love going to the beach to swim in the waves!

As a child, how did you feel about water?
I was afraid of the water because I wasn’t confident that I’d ever be able to save myself. After going through training at FOSS, I was able to gain confidence from learning and mastering “Swim, Flip, Swim!”

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