4 Swim Camp Scheduling Tips

Summers are always busy, and that means it’s never too early to plan your summer schedule! When the kids are off from school, many parents are looking to find both fun and healthy experiences for their kids to try, but also need to manage the conflicting schedules of these higher-involvement activities. Here are some of our favorite ways Foss families have figured out how to get the most out of summer and swimming camps.

Foss Swim School offers many summer swimming camps to fit your goals and schedule, whether you have a competitive swimmer or are just looking for a fun summer camp for kids. These 2- or 4-week sessions typically feature 8 classes per camp (4 days a week for the 2-week camp, and 2 days a week for the 4-week camp). With the condensed schedule, many swimmers find they learn and improve more in a much shorter period of time in our camps!

Six ways swimming camp makes summer even more awesome

  1. Build and keep swimming momentum: In summer, kids practice what they learn in lessons at the lake and pool. Summer swimming camps are a great way to keep the momentum and learning going so you don’t lose progress.
  2. Make the most of every summer moment: Summer swim camp is a great way to get all the benefits of a once-a-week class in a two- or four-week timeframe. They are a good alternative to once-a-week classes as you look to fit swimming into a busy summer schedule.
  3. Double up the fun and cross-train for other sports: Our 4-week camps are on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and dovetail with many leagues – swim the in-between days for conditioning.
  4. Be ready to dive into the fall swim season: Is your child a competitive swimmer on the school swim team in the fall? August swim camps are a great way to brush up on skills and get into condition for the season.
  5. Keep fit between sports with 2-week camps: Many activities wrap up in July; practices for fall sports begin in August. Midsummer 2-week swim camps for kids can fit neatly between seasons.
  6. Exercise the muscles as well as the brain: Is your child attending engineering camp, chess camp or other intellectual pursuits? With classes just 30-45 minutes long, swim camps let you start or wrap up the day at the pool and give them a fun, physical outlet.

Scheduling pro-tips for our FOSS families

2-week camps are typically during the day, 4-week camps are typically during the evenings: If you’re home with the kids during the summer or have a nanny, daytime camps are a great activity. Evening classes can work around full-time daycare and jobs. Check your location for exact times.

Consider multiple locations: Different FOSS locations have different camp schedules, so if you have more than one location that is convenient to you – or to your kids’ other activities – you may find a camp that fits.

Get an extra-condensed experience in mid-summer: Is your summer already packed? Leading up to July 4th, we have an extra-condensed 2-week camp – 5 days the week before, and two days the week of the holiday.

Get an edge at enrollment time: Current families can maintain their enrollment status for next session and new families have an opportunity to get ‘current’ enrollment status for next session with Foss Swim School. Current customers have their enrollments processed first, followed by past and then new customers.

Add swimming to your summer calendar

To learn more about Foss swim camps, check out our swim camp schedules and registration can be viewed by creating or logging into your family account.

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