Fit it in and Learn to Swim!

Progress Builder Swim Camps® at Foss Swim School offer an alternative schedule while still delivering the ultimate learn-to-swim experience. Rather than a weekly lesson for the whole quarter, swim camps allow kids to swim multiple times a week for just a few weeks at a time.

4-Week Progress Builder Swim Camps®

Meet: Tuesday & Thursday
Duration: 4 Weeks
Lessons: 8 (unless otherwise noted)

2019 Spring Quarter 4-Week camps:

• Camp 1, Tue/Thu, Mar 19 – Apr 11
• Camp 2, Tue/Thu, Apr 16 – May 9
• Camp 3, Tue/Thu, May 14 – Jun 6

2019 Summer Quarter 4-Week camps:

• Camp 1, Tue/Thu, Jun 11 – Jul 2 (7 Lessons)
• Camp 2, Tue/Thu, Jul 9 – Aug 1
• Camp 3, Tue/Thu, Aug 6 – Aug 29

2-Week Progress Builder Swim Camps®

Meet: Monday through Thursday (unless otherwise noted)
Duration: 2 Weeks
Lessons: 8

2019 Spring Quarter 2-Week camp:

• Camp 1, Tue-Fri, May 28 – Jun 7

2019 Summer Quarter 2-Week camps:

• Camp 1, Mon-Thu, Jun 10 – Jun 20
• Camp 2, Week 1 Mon-Fri & Week 2 Mon-Wed, Jun 24 – July 3
• Camp 3, Mon-Thu, July 8 – July 18
• Camp 4, Mon-Thu, Jul 22 – Aug 1
• Camp 5, Mon-Thu, Aug 5 – Aug 15
• Camp 6, Mon-Thu, Aug 19 – Aug 29



Swim Camps meet more frequently than Once-a-Week Lessons. Less time between lessons means faster progress.

Unable to commit to a full quarter? 4-Week and 2-Week options help fit swim lessons into your busy schedule.

Fit a Swim Camp in between vacations, sports, and other activities.


Progress Builder Swim Camps® are the same great swim lessons you experience in a Once-a-Week Class. Student to teacher ratio, skills taught, and the length of each lesson remains the same. The only difference is how often you come to the pool.


Progress Builder Swim Camp® availability varies by location and quarter. Select your location to view the current schedule at your pool.

4-Week Progress Builder Swim Camps®
SUMMER: all locations
YEAR-ROUND: select locations

2-Week Progress Builder Swim Camps®
SUMMER: all locations
SPRING: select locations



Schedule your Personal Introduction to FOSS today. Enjoy a guided tour, an in-water preview lesson* and receive the correct level placement for your swimmer and assistance setting up your Family Account and registering.

*Swimmers interested in a Baby or Adult class, we invite you to come observe one of our classes, in place of a preview lesson.

MAKE REGISTRATION REQUEST Create or Sign in to your account to select classes. See you at the pool!