Appreciating the amazing teachers at Foss Swim School

We are celebrating not one, but TWO weeks of Teacher Appreciation this year at Foss Swim School – because that’s what they deserve! So while you are celebrating all the teachers in your life, be sure to also recognize all the amazing instructors at Foss Swim School. Teaching kids to swim is about more than skills and technique – it’s about building relationships and trust, and the art of making learning fun.

Speaking of art, we especially enjoy it when our students use their artistic talents to share a thank you, an “I’m sorry,” or a story with their swim teachers. We share a selection of pieces that our students’ creations here, so everyone can appreciate how much our teachers are appreciated!


Under the sea

Not to brag, but it looks like the dolphin is saying “I love Foss Swim School,” which is a pretty big endorsement.

Get outta here! That’s a great letter!

She has pretty awesome penmanship too. We look forward to seeing you again, Hannah!

We think Seth is funny too

And why do we like it when he’s funny? Because! We aren’t sure if this was caught mid-jump or if Seth is teaching levitation on the side, but we love to swim with you, too.

Moving on up!

Here’s a note from a student who is making a big splash and looking forward to Big 6!

Happy ROARidays (from a few months back)

Just your run-of-the-mill stained glass Christmas dinosaur. And you are very welcome, Candy!

We all have those days

Instructor Mo received this note from Max. We understand, we appreciate the apology, and trying your best is all we ask!

“Best end of quarter teacher appreciation gift ever”

Literally, that’s what instructor Michelle wrote as the caption for this picture.

Words of wisdom


  • Me: “My life is falling apart.”
  • Student: “Well, take a deep breath, calm down, and put it back together.”

And finally, a reminder that we are all learning from each other. One of our teachers made a note to remember a life-coaching moment from a four-year-old student.  Thanks to all our students and families for enriching our lives – and thanks to all our teachers for creating such a fun and welcoming space for our students to learn!

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