A Gateway to Water Safety: FOSS Presentations in the Community

By Foss Swim School


At FOSS, our motto is “Love Water,” and we know that an essential part of this love is understanding how to be safe around it. Water safety doesn’t happen by accident, and it isn’t a one-time lesson people learn at a specific point in their lives.  

At Foss Swim School, we are committed to helping people be safer around water by teaching them to swim confidently, and there is no substitute for time in a pool with a skilled, engaging instructor. We also realize that learning is a continuum, that not everyone has the opportunity to attend swim lessons when they want. Even a little knowledge can go a long way – and maybe even save a life. 

That’s why we are proud to offer free dry-land water safety presentations to groups in our communities. Offered to preschools, day cares, neighborhood groups, and anyone who could use a lesson in the base fundamentals of water safety, this is a way to extend our mission to help everyone be safer around water. 

What’s Covered in FOSS Water Safety Presentations

Through a mix of talk, demonstration and play, our instructors cover some of the most important water safety fundamentals for kids: 

  • Waiting to enter water: Teaching kids to wait for explicit permission to enter water is one way to ensure an adult is in attendance and paying attention. We practice listening, waiting and counting. Participants are reminded throughout the presentation that they should never, ever swim alone. 
  • Choosing bright swimsuits: When in water, some colors are easier to spot than others. We look together at colors that stand out in pools, lakes, and streams, helping us stay safe. 
  • Wearing life jackets: In boats, on docks, and when in open water, kids (and adults, for that matter) should have on life jackets. We demonstrate how to tell if a jacket fits well. 
  • Flipping and floating: Although the lesson isn’t in water, we teach the steps to perform if a child finds themselves in water: Float on the back to breathe, then flip to swim, then flip back to breathe and float. We then practice on the ground. 
  • Locating safety nearby: Should a child fall in water, we teach them that safety is likely nearby – maybe the place they fell in, or something floating on the water. Looking around to locate the best option and then trying to move in that direction increases the likelihood of rescue. 

We can’t stress enough that this isn’t a substitute for learning to swim. It is a step on the path to water safety. (We offer a limited number of scholarships at each Foss Swim School to help families who want to learn to swim at FOSS but otherwise might not be able to; learn more and apply on our site.) 

Water Safety Presentations are tailored to the group we are presenting to. There is important information to share with people of all ages. For adults we focus on having a water-watcher at events, swimsuit and life jacket selection, and fencing off pools. 

Requesting a Water Safety Presentation and What to Expect 

The Foss water safety presentation is given by a team of two or three local Foss Swim School instructors. They come in uniform and bring all props and materials – a presentation board, life jackets, and visual aids. We will come to a location like a school or daycare, or can meet at a park, community center or other shared space. 

We will try to accommodate as many requests for a presentation as possible. Since these are given by local staff who also have classes to teach, we may need to be flexible to find a good time, and we will prioritize opportunities that allow us to reach the most people we can. 

If you or someone you know would like to request a demonstration, please fill out the request form on our website. We look forward to meeting with your group and helping spread the word about water safety! 

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