Back to School at FOSS: What our Teachers Love to Teach

It’s not only back to-school-season in your neighborhood, but here at Foss Swim School too! It’s an exciting time for students AND teachers. We’re a couple of weeks into our fall quarter and wanted to share some of the lessons and classes our instructors told us they love to teach.

Mama Bird/Papa Bird






“My favorite thing to teach is the Safety Stroke/Mama Bird Papa Bird because it is the culmination of all the skills we have worked on in class. The ‘Aha!’ moment that comes when they do it for the first time independently melts my heart!”  – Derek A

Safety Turn






“I love teaching the Safety Turn – it is so important and such a fundamental skill that can be used at any age.”  – Kristin S

London Bridges






“London Bridges in the baby class is my favorite. I love when they start to figure out how to close their mouth and put their eyes in the water by themselves.” – Sheng

First Time Swimmers






“I love teaching Little 1 classes and having the honor of being many kids’ first experience here at Foss and in water. You don’t always realize how big an impact you have on kids so young.” – Aaron E







“I like to teach the Butterfly stroke. It is really fun to see the parents react to their kids being able to do such a difficult stroke. We also pretend to be mermaids and get excited about having a mermaid tail!” – Josie B 

Dragons Love Tacos






“I love teaching safety stroke with the theme of Dragons Love Tacos (the title of a very cute children’s book). My swimmers in Little 3 and Middle 1 pretend they are dragons and need to paddle up all the tacos to feed the baby dragons. Once we have enough tacos we flip over to our backs and use our dragon wings to fly to our dragon nest!” – Brittany J

Level 2 Activities






“I love teaching Level 2! From the race card kicks, to the big Tiger Claws, to scoops of ice cream, to sneaky alligators, to pancake flips, and of course being whatever animal you want to be on your back (my favorite was when a kiddo told me he wanted to be a mosquito) and the grand finale of Chop-Chop Timbers. It’s the perfect mix of all the imagination for those little friends of ours.” – Kayla S

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