Get to Know Vadnais Heights: 5 Great Things About Our Newest Location

The newest Foss Swim School location began classes on June 5, and we’re excited to bring our new neighbors the improved water safety, confidence, and development that comes with learning to swim! The new location is in Vadnais Heights, Minnesota, a Twin Cities suburb north of St. Paul, and has a lot to offer our new FOSS families.

Here’s a quick list of our five favorite things about our new location, which we hope will be your favorite things too:

A modern, comfortable, easy-to-use facility

Built on a corner of Vadnais Square Shopping Center, our new location is easy to get in an out, and has lots of windows that let in natural light. That, combined with an open floor plan and a large air-conditioned viewing area (and play area for siblings or those awaiting lessons) create an open, airy, welcoming feeling for families. The location has 5 private restrooms (four with showers), 10 on-deck showers and 14 changing stalls – lots of options and less waiting when getting ready to swim or leave. We have Dyson hair dryers, swimsuit dryers, and a retail shop for anything you need. It’s the perfect swim school environment!

A great location for busy families

Our geographic location is great for families too. Include swimming with your errands at the nearby Target and Walmart, not to mention many shops and food options to make busy days just a little bit more efficient.

A great team of people who work well together

A swim school is as good as its teachers, and we are so excited to have you meet the new Vadnais Heights team! We have a number of experienced teachers coming from other FOSS locations who are already pros at our teaching method and working with kids and families, and a number of new staff who are actually themselves FOSS alumni. Several of our hires we learned are members of the same swim clubs and know each other through activities. We have college students, at least one grandparent, and even one trilingual instructor who speaks Russian and German, in addition to some Spanish-speaking staff.

A pool designed to be a classroom

The heart of any Foss Swim School is its pool, and as our newest pool, it includes design features we have refined over the years. The U-shaped pool allows for lots of segmentation for different levels. Its longest lane is 23 yards, perfect for more advanced swimmers who are working on distance, and has a total area of almost 2,400 square feet to allow many simultaneous classes. The layout of the pool deck allows for lots of poolside seating, including in the middle of the “U” shape – we like parents to be close at hand during class to hear what’s happening and be able to engage with teachers after class.

A perfect setting for our proven curriculum

One thing that is consistent across locations is our proven FOSS curriculum. It will be new to the Vadnais Heights area, and will let us teach swimmers of all ages and abilities. Our early indication is that there is a lot of pent-up demand for baby classes and learn-to-swim classes for younger kids, but we also have more advanced classes for older learners, and will continue to add more sessions as our students grow and are ready to learn to swim stronger and faster.

We hope our existing families who are in the area will stop by and check us out, or let friends and family who are looking for a great place to swim know about this new location. We look forward to being a part of the Vadnais Heights community for years to come!

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