Get to Know Creve Coeur, MO: In the Heart of Town

As Foss Swim School continues to bring our brand of swimming education to the greater St. Louis, MO area, we are excited to share some details of our newest location in the heart of Creve Coeur, a western suburb of the city. Creve Coeur opened its doors for fall quarter, and we look forward to being a part of the community for years to come!

Our ribbon-cutting ceremony was held August 30, attended by staff, members of the local Chamber of Commerce and our friends and neighbors, and we’ve been out in the community raising awareness of the importance of water safety and the joy and fun that comes with learning to swim.






While we’ve had swimmers in class since Sept. 6, we are also planning to open a prorated partial-quarter session for families looking to swim as some of the fall sports wrap up; learn more on our location page. Here’s are five things to know about our new Creve Coeur location:

A new kind of swim school for the neighborhood

We’re excited to bring a new type of swim program to the area, offering an alternative to community programs and giving our families a way to experience our unique curriculum and guaranteed results without having to drive to other FOSS locations. We offer quarterly-based once a week lessons for anyone, from babies to teens and adults, and options for swimmers with special needs. We also look forward to launching two and four week swim camps, which help students advance even faster.

Family-friendly features

Our new Creve Coeur location is designed with families in mind, and has a layout and amenities fine-tuned to make the swim school experience as easy and enjoyable as possible. This includes plenty of private stalls in our family-oriented locker room, private bathrooms, handicapped access, lots of showerheads to rinse off before or after swimming, a shop area for any forgotten items, a comfortable viewing area and more. Plus of course our warm-water pool with top-of-the-line air and water filtration to promote health and create a comfortable environment.

Convenient location – easy in and out

Our Creve Coeur location is situated in the Bellerive Plaza shopping mall off Olive Blvd. near Interstate 270 – meaning fast and easy access to surrounding communities in almost every direction. We have lots of parking, and we are near groceries, shops, and all the places families need to visit, making swim class easy to fit into schedules.

Enthusiastic teachers and staff from the area

Our team of teachers and staff include many local residents – our office manager attended elementary school just down the road – and we have a lot of big personalities who are great at connecting with kids in different ways. Many of our teachers have early childhood experience, several swam on teams, and all are trained in the unique FOSS curriculum that makes learning to swim fun.

A perfect setting for our proven curriculum

One thing that is consistent across locations is our proven FOSS curriculum, which lets us teach swimmers of all ages and abilities. Our U-shaped pool lets us section off swim areas of different lengths and shapes to support different activities, and ample seating gives parents a front-row view and chance to understand what kids are learning. We’re starting to fill up our baby classes and learn-to-swim classes for younger kids, but we also have more advanced classes for older learners, and will continue to add more sessions as our students grow and are ready to learn to swim stronger and faster.


We hope you and your friends will stop by and check us out, or let others who are looking for a great place to swim know about this new location. No appointment is necessary to drop in and learn more, but if you want to try a free preview lesson you can sign up online – it’s a great way to start your Swim Path journey. We also offer some need-based scholarships to help make our classes accessible to even more families.

So stop in to say hi to our Creve Coeur staff – we look forward to seeing you at the pool!

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