Why Swimming is the Essential Skill of Summer

It may be mid-February, but we prefer to think of it as pre- March, and March is spring, and spring means summer is almost here!

That might be a stretch, but it’s not too early to think about preparing for summer by making sure your family’s swim skills are refreshed and improved. At Foss Swim School, we like to say that swimming skill is a summer essential. Just like you wouldn’t head outside without suitable clothing, a water bottle and sunscreen, you shouldn’t head to the beach, pool, boat or water park without attending swim school.

And when we say essential, we aren’t exaggerating. Pediatricians, public health experts and experienced parents everywhere all agree that learning to swim is an absolute must. To their opinions, we add these four reasons we believe swimming is essential based on our years teaching the skill.

Swim Skills are Essential For Summer…

  • SAFETY: This is the number one reason we believe everyone should learn to swim. One influential study found that “participation in formal swimming lessons was associated with an 88% reduction in the risk of drowning in … 1- to 4-year-old children.” That doesn’t mean a toddler needs to be an expert swimmer. Our classes include a focus on being comfortable and reacting calmly to water, in addition to learning basic self-saving skills. If you are going to be around water this summer – and who wouldn’t want to be? – swim classes are a must.
  • CONFIDENCE: When we talk about confidence, we mean for the swimmer and for their family. Learning a skill is a natural confidence builder, but we know it also helps parents enjoy their water activities more when they know their child has swim skills. Of course, ALL children should be monitored at ALL times in or near water. But imagine the difference between being at a pool watching children and worrying the entire time, versus watching them enjoy themselves and feeling calmer because you are confident in their abilities. In our experience, that’s a result of swim school for families.
  • HEALTH: Swimming isn’t the only way to stay healthy, but it is one of the best if we do say so ourselves! And it’s not just us saying it. Swimming offers a whole-body, low-impact form of exercise few other activities can match. It combines strength and cardiovascular exercise. If you’re wanting your family to move their bodies more and cut down on passive entertainment, be sure to book out plenty of water time as part of your summer schedule – after ensuring everyone has learned swim skills, of course.
  • FUN: And this is what it all leads up to. When your family has swim skills, and you feel more confident around water because you know they are safer, it opens up a world of additional fun (and healthful) activities, from splashing and snorkeling to wakeboarding and waterskiing.

Get Ready for Summer with Essential Swim Classes in Spring

By the time summer rolls around, you want to get out there and enjoy the weather and activities. That’s why you should be preparing before the warmer weather rolls around. FOSS has once-a-week swim classes during the spring quarter, as well as more-frequent, shorter-duration swim camps. Find the option that works for you at your local Foss Swim School.

We’ll see you at the pool – and later, at the beach, lake, and waterpark!


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