Five Reasons People Love Working at Foss

Our students and their families know that it’s the people who work at Foss Swim School who make it such an amazing place. Part of the secret is in our hiring: We look for people who are enthusiastic, positive, love water, and are great with kids and swimmers of all ages.

We aren’t specifically looking for swim coaches (although we have our share of exceptional competitive swimmers on staff too.) We train teachers our custom curriculum and direct their natural energies to bring out the best in their students. We go the extra mile to make FOSS a place people love to work, because that translates into better experiences for students – and their success is the reason behind everything we do.

But when you bring that many uplifting, fun people together, something else happens: You get a workplace people actually want to be at! So today we are sharing some of the top things our employees say they love about FOSS along with some fun videos from our TikTok channel.

People are upbeat all day long

“No matter what mood I am in, FOSS always fixes it no matter what and I love that I love my job this much!”

  • Madison Ahlgren, Shift Coordinator, Fargo, ND

Great team spirit

“I like that everyone at FOSS works as a team. And everyone who works here genuinely loves being here and loves to do what we do.”

  • Sylvia Johnson, Shift Coordinator, Niles, IL

See the magic of learning

“My favorite part of working for FOSS is seeing the development and skill growth my swimmers make throughout the span of a quarter.”

  • Josie Baker, Deck Assistant/Swim Teacher, Woodbury, MN

Hijinks galore

“When we had one of those really big snowstorms on a Monday night, the teachers in the pool got to make a snowman on the magic carpet with the few students. It was pretty funny to watch a snowman floating around our pool all night!”

  • Kayla Whittrock, Shift Coordinator, St. Louis Park, MN

Easy to get in a fun groove

“Teaching at FOSS is so fun because not only are you having fun in the pool, but the other teachers and swimmers are having fun, too—so it’s a hugely positive atmosphere.”

  • Courtney Kimmel, Teacher, Richfield MN

Bonus item: We’re hiring!

Does this sound like a place you’d love working, too? Well, you can! FOSS is hiring for many positions across the organization – find an opening near you here!

“The employees that I have met genuinely care about the school, their co-workers, and the students. It is the kind of place I want to work for, and it’s the kind of swim school I want to send my children to!”

  • Lauren Trimmer, Site Director, O’Fallon, MO

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