5 Reasons Winter is a Great Season for Swim School

If you think swim season ends with the first frost of the year, think again. At Foss Swim School, our motto is “Let’s go!” No matter what time of year it is, you’ll find our swim instructors and staff are warm and welcoming, helping students develop their swim skills and improve their water safety no matter what the thermometer says. In some ways, the winter months are actually the perfect time for swim school for a number of reasons:
  • It maintains learning momentum: When students stay engaged with their lessons, whether in swimming or the classroom, they retain and build upon more of what they learn. Swimmers who skip winter swim lessons will need to get back up to speed in spring to be ready for summer, while those who keep swimming will keep progressing.
  • It’s a great healthy activity: Whether your child plays winter sports, or takes the colder months off, swim school is a wonderful way to get healthy whole-body exercise.
  • It’s warm and fun: Shake off the winter chill and evade cabin fever with a trip to FOSS, where the pool water is 91 degrees, and the air is pleasantly warm. Your kids will be grabbing their snow boots and beach towels and rushing for the door when they know warm water awaits, as well as the learning games and fun they get to experience in class.
  • It’s a safe social activity with kids their own age: Swimmers spend time with the same group of students and same teachers week after week. We believe students learn best surrounded by peers of similar age and skill, but it also makes swim school more fun and social – which can be important in winter when there may be fewer neighborhood play gatherings.
  • It’s a way to get the wiggles out: Energy needs to go somewhere, especially in the post-holiday months. You can (and should!) bundle the kids outside in the winter to let off some steam, but swim school also gives you a guaranteed time each week when students will tire themselves out.
Winter swimming by no means is just for students, either. Many rec centers and health clubs offer admission to their indoor pools, offering a great winter family mini-getaway whatever the weather. Swim school gives a gift that students will use throughout their lives. Long after they have left FOSS, our students can enjoy the whole-body, low-impact benefits of swimming any time of year, whatever their age. So get out the scarves and leave out the swimsuits this winter, and when your kids are asking to do something fun, you can say: “Let’s go!”

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