What to Expect at Your First Swim Class

If you are a first-time FOSS family getting ready to attend your swimmer’s first swim class, there’s probably a fair amount of excitement (and maybe a little nervousness) in the air at your house. Many new students and their families also have some questions or curiosity about what to expect, and what is expected of them.

Let’s walk you through what that first swim lesson will look like, what you should bring, and what you should know. Hopefully it can help make your first experience at FOSS even better!

Before you leave home

Make sure you have everything your swimmer will need: swimsuit, towel, your own goggles if you have them and a plastic water bottle if you want one (no glass, please)!

All swimmers under 3, and older kids who aren’t potty trained, are required to wear a reusable swim diaper (they are more reliable than the disposable kind). If you are attending a Backfloat Baby class, it can be helpful in the days or weeks before the first lesson to get your baby used to water by splashing in a bathtub or getting in the shower with your baby so they can become accustomed to water on their face. Make it fun!


When you arrive at FOSS

The first thing you’ll see is our reception area, staffed with friendly FOSS staff who can help direct you and answer questions. Check in at the front desk to learn your instructor’s name and the station number where your swimmer’s class will be held. Every person who works at FOSS, even if they are working the desk or answering the phone, is fully trained as a FOSS instructor and knowledgeable about our program, so don’t hesitate to ask!

Our reception area will also feature our retail space, with swim supplies in case you need something new or forgot something. The viewing area and locker room are accessed from the reception area.


Getting ready for class

Our locker rooms are well-equipped and comfortable, with private changing areas, shower rooms, and storage space for things you don’t want to carry into the pool area. Your swimmer can get ready here – please shower off before getting in the pool, either in the locker room or at open showers on the pool deck. These have a splash guard so you can help your swimmer without getting wet.

If you are attending a Backfloat Baby class that calls for a parent to be in the water, you’ll need to ready yourself as well.


Attending class

Drop your older kids off at their station, and then you can take a seat on the pool deck (great for seeing how class progresses and giving encouragement to your child) or watch from the enclosed, cooler viewing area.

If you are in a Backfloat Baby class that calls for you to join your child in the water, proceed to your station and wait for the instructor to invite you into the pool.


After your class has ended

Proceed to the locker room, where the shower rooms are stocked with shampoo (also feel free to bring your own if you have a preferred brand). The locker room also has automatic warm air dryers at various heights for drying off hair, suit dryers with plastic bags from bringing wet gear home and plenty of benches and private changing rooms where you can get geared up to head home.

Between classes, you’ll have homework your teacher will give for your swimmer to build strength and muscle memory for specific skills they are working on, and of course if you have opportunities to get in the water on your own we encourage you to take it – although it’s of course not always possible and isn’t required.

We’re happy to have you as a part of the FOSS family, and we look forward to seeing you at the pool for your first class and for rest of your journey on the Swim Path!

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