Why It’s OK to Take a Break from Swim School

Just to be clear—we love swimming. We would swim every day if we could, and can point to plenty of evidence that—like any skill—the more frequently and consistently a student practices, the faster a student typically learns and masters that skill. Since swimming is a physical activity as well, kids benefit from the regular exercise too.

But we also understand what it takes to raise healthy, well-balanced kids. Foss Swim School was founded by Jon and Susan Foss, parents themselves, who deliberately structured FOSS to use the best approach possible to help students learn. Many of our approaches are modeled after primary education—teaching in quarters, consistent classes and instructors, and designing lessons for different learning types.

Adapting to family schedules and student interests

Another common practice in school is giving students time AWAY from school. While this looks different in different districts, the practice persists because it is good for families and good for students. In our view, breaks from school:

  • Allow students to pursue other interests, allowing them to be well-rounded and try new things
  • Give families a chance to change their routines and plan activities together
  • Provide a mental and physical break

While FOSS doesn’t dictate a break by closing every summer, we hope families take advantage of our schedule flexibility to make the most of their time together.

Pay tuition just when you swim, and swim when works for you

This mindset is part of why Foss Swim School operates differently than many other swim programs. We have quarters that last 10 or more weeks for once a week classes, and tuition is paid by the quarter (instead of ongoing “health club” or continuous-style monthly billing whether a student swims or not.)
And if you’re thinking of taking a break, you still can get in swimming—our swim camps let students get in all the skills of a quarter-long class in just 2 or 4 weeks, swimming 4 or 2 times per week for a total of eight sessions.

For many families looking to balance swim school with other activities, Foss swim camps provide the best of both worlds—longer open stretches for vacations or activities, while still building swim skills.

Our mission is to help all students graduate as excellent swimmers, and that happens faster with consistent enrollment. We also understand a break might sometimes be right for your family. Let us help you come up with a plan, and we’ll be here to help your swimmer take the next step when ready!


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