A Faster Way to Learn: Build Swim Skills In Weeks

Swimming is a lifelong skill, and one that can’t be learned overnight. If your swimmer can hit the pool more than once a week, however, swim skills can develop more quickly since less time between classes leads to faster progress. That’s the idea behind Foss Swim School’s innovative Progress Builder Swim Camps®. While “Camp” might make you think of half-day lessons, or something to fill time, at FOSS it means a focused, shorter-term learning opportunity. 

A full quarter’s progress in a fraction of the time
Most FOSS families choose to attend once-a-week swim classes of twelve or more lessons per quarter. Our curriculum is built around that kind of regular teaching, and for many busy families, going to the pool once a week fits their schedules well. But for those who can come more than once a week, or want to fit a class in fewer weeks, we created our swim camps, which offer:

  • The same skills as other classes: Our camps follow the same curriculum as our once-a-week classes and are arranged in the same levels, so your child can seamlessly move between weekly and camp formats.
  • More classes per week: Our two-week camps have four classes per week, and our four-week camp is two classes per week. That might not seem like a big change, but the increased frequency helps kids learn faster, with less review time and regression between sessions.
  • Shorter time commitment: Your student learns all the same skills in either four or two weeks, a total of eight classes. This means you can build skills (or maybe advance a level) during a school break, or in just a month.
  • Multiple camps per quarter: Missed quarterly registration, but still want to swim? Couldn’t get into a preferred weekly slot? Some locations have camps that start at several points during the quarter, so you can begin when is convenient for you.
  • Lower cost: Since the same level of progress can be learned in eight classes due to the increased frequency of classes, our camps (which are based on the same per-class pricing as once a week classes) cost less overall.

A great introduction, or to jump ahead as a swimmer
When we ask attending families why they choose our camps, we hear a number of reasons. Sometimes it’s a new family that wants to try out FOSS before enrolling in a full quarter. For other families, the more intense schedule works better for their family as it fits in between other sports. For still others, their children are on swim teams and want to advance quickly and build stamina.

FOSS camps have one additional benefit—they give your family the same priority status for registration as weekly classes. So next quarter, you will have gained priority when it comes to choosing your preferred class over people who aren’t currently enrolled.

If these reasons—or any other—have you thinking Progress Builder Swim Camps® are a good option for your family, check out our upcoming camps at your local Foss Swim School. We look forward to a fun, productive swim camp with you!

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