Cuteness Overload: Tales from our Swimmers

Thank you to all our swimmers and families for celebrating our 25th anniversary with us! We’ve enjoyed hearing what Foss Swim School has meant to you, and we hope we showed you how much you mean to us every day. We especially love hearing right from our swimmers. As we wrap up our anniversary celebration, here are a couple messages that brought us smiles.

From Charlie:

Of course, your actual results and fish-swimming-style may vary.

From Anuvadha:

Glad to hear it! Swimming changed our lives too!

From Sriniketh:

Awww! We think YOU’RE friendly and fun!

From Ethan:

You ARE the best! And good to see we’re helping teach self-esteem and confidence too!

From Hilde:

Fantastic, Hilde! Way to stick with it and get that ring!

A special thanks to all of you who shared your stories. We look forward to seeing you at the pool and hearing about all the places your swimming skills take you!

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