Finding Time for Swim Lessons: One Mom’s Morning Routine

If your schedule is already jam-packed with work, family and fun activities, adding a weekly swim lesson can seem impossible. Good news—it’s totally doable! Here’s a peek at one mom’s morning routine—swim lessons with her 2-year-old daughter Charlie included!

First up: Carb loading with a cheese quesadilla and raspberries, and most importantly—a pep talk from Peppa Pig. I love that Charlie’s lesson doesn’t start until mid-morning on Saturday, so we have time to sleep in, have a nice breakfast and even enjoy some playtime.

We’re lucky to live just a few minutes away from the St. Paul pool, so we have time to take pictures and goof around a bit before hopping in the pool.

Speaking of pictures…there is always time for selfies! Right from the pool deck, even. Charlie loves watching the class before hers—it’s the next class level up so the kids are singing different songs and practicing new skills.

Finally we’re in the pool! Charlie’s dad and I take turns getting in the pool with her each week, so we’re both able to take it all in and watch her experience pure joy from the sidelines.

It’s also fun to get in the pool with her and help her progress every week. And if one of us needs to stay behind to pick up groceries or get an oil change—it’s totally doable. I’ve even seen grandparents in the pool helping out when when a parent isn’t available.

After swim class, we take showers in the FOSS locker room (shout out to the free soap and shampoo—those are life savers!), dry our hair with the hair dryers, and even dry our swimsuits with the swimsuit dryers (and put them in plastic bags provided by FOSS). Before we even leave the pool, we’re dressed and ready to go so we can make any last stops before we head home (like donuts from our favorite donut shop, not gonna lie!).

When we get home, it’s usually time for a nap. Post-swim lesson naps are the longest, hardest naps, so it gives me a few hours to clean, do laundry or just binge-watch the new season of Stranger Things.

I feel like our weekends are finally complete with swim lessons included. Charlie talks about swim lessons all week, and when Saturday morning finally comes—she’s as happy as can be. It’s definitely worth taking an hour out of our morning for some physical activity, social interaction and genuine fun.  

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