On the Level: Making Sure Your Child is in the Right Class

When children are learning math, they start with the basics. A little one who is still learning to add would be lost and frustrated in an algebra class. On the flip side, a child with more advanced skills would be bored silly in a rudimentary class. Nobody would be happy, and nobody would be learning. Swimming lessons are no different.

That’s why, at FOSS, we offer each new swimmer a preview lesson where you receive a level assessment to make sure they start in the right class—because placing them at the correct level ensures they’ll get the most out of each lesson, and ultimately learn the skills they need to become strong, confident swimmers.

Level assessments are simple. They take about 10 to 15 minutes and are essentially a mini lesson with your child and the instructor. During the assessment, both your child and a FOSS instructor will get in the water and go through a series of skills to determine what level is the best fit for your little one.

Afterward, the instructor will talk with you about his or her level recommendation, discuss the skills your child will be learning in the class, and answer any questions you might have about the program.

Assessments are recommended for any new swimmer aged 3 or older. For children under 3, we recommend signing up for our Backfloat Baby 1 class, which is designed for both parents and kids and teaches skills like how to hold the breath underwater, how to hold your child while they learn how to back float, and more.
Want to hear about one of our level assessments firsthand? See what our blogger, Kerri, had to say about her experience with her three-year old, Ryland.
Want to come in for a level assessment for your little one? Request one today!

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