Ages 13 and Up

Because it’s never too late to learn to swim!

  • Adult 1 30 min./class Ratio 3:1
  • Adult 2  30 min./class Ratio 4:1
  • Adult 3  30 min./class Ratio 4:1
  • Semi-private and private lessons are available. Contact your location.

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ADULT 1 (A1)

Student to Teacher Ratio: 3:1

CONQUER FEAR. Beginning swimmers will learn quick submersions, independent movement with flotation, sculling, and kicking while floating on the back.

ADULT 2 (A2)

Student to Teacher Ratio: 4:1

FEELS LIKE FLYING. Learn to float on the surface after being submerged, do the backstroke, and begin to learn the front crawl.

ADULT 3 (A3)

Student to Teacher Ratio: 4:1

MASTER FREESTYLE. In this class, adults will master the freestyle and be able to swim 20 single lengths of freestyle and 10 single lengths of backstroke.

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