FASTjets Swim Team

Assessment and invitation required.

The club team’s strive for perfection will lead toward unprecedented individual excellence. Through a fun, innovative and productive learning environment, FASTjets will empower its’ athletes to pursue their goals, build self-esteem, open up new opportunities and comprehend the skills needed to develop into proficient competitive swimmers. FASTjets culture is to create a fun atmosphere of elevated confidence, perseverance, resilience and virtue.

Ages 10 & Under: BIG 6, BIG 7
Ages 14 & Under: GIANT 1, GIANT 2, GIANT 3
Ages 11 & Up: TITAN 1, TITAN 2, TITAN 3, TITAN 4

Equipment Required. Inquire for more information.


FASTjets introductory, pre-competitive groups. Swimmers in the Developmental levels are working towards a greater knowledge of the 4 basic competitive strokes (FL, BA, BR, FR), and are developing a solid foundation for the program. Entries into this level are required to pass out of the Foss Swim School Big 5 program, or complete a level assessment with a FASTjets coach. Swimmers age up to the respective Developmental group. If an athlete achieves the required qualifying time in all 4 competitive strokes prior to aging up, then he/she will move to the appropriate Training Group.

Ages 10 & Under: BIG 6
Ages 14 & Under: GIANT 1
Ages 11 & Up: TITAN 1


FASTjets advanced, competitive groups. Athletes in the Training and Advanced Training levels are working toward refinement of all four strokes, applying speed and power to their strokes, as well as learning more about the sport. Levels are designed for accomplished, dedicated swimmers as well as Varsity High School and Post Grad swimmers. The goal in these levels is to achieve State and National cuts in their respective age groups.

• Age 10 & Under: BIG 7
• Age 14 & Under: GIANT 2
• Age 14 & Under: GIANT 3
• Age 11 & Up: TITAN 2, 3, or 4


Age 18 & up join us for fitness, stroke technique, triathlon training and masters meets. Requirements include proficiency in the freestyle stroke and a 2:30 100 yard pace or better.

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