A proven approach backed by decades of success. Effectively trained staff who make learning fun. A love of swimming and teaching kids in our hearts. It all adds up to lasting results and investment in kids and adults.

Experience FOSS: Schedule a FREE Preview Class

A proven approach backed by decades of success. Effectively trained staff who make learning fun. A love of swimming and teaching kids in our hearts. It all adds up to lasting results and investment in kids and adults.

Experience FOSS: Schedule a FREE Preview Class

Water is our passion and runs through our lives

Jon and Susan Foss started Foss Swim School in 1993 with a vision to make kids safer and help them develop a love of swimming and water. 

Fun fact: In Norwegian “FOSS” roughly means “Fast Water”

A school approach


Over a quarter century, we have learned how to structure our program to deliver the best results for our students. Our school approach focuses on developing skills through progressions based on a personalized Swim Path™ for each student. 

Consistency in quarters

Children need consistency in order to learn. Because we schedule based on the quarter, swim students are taught by the same teacher and are with the same classmates all quarter.

Classes based on age and ability

We’ve found the best results come when kids learn alongside peers in small groups. Every student has a path to graduation that starts where they are now.

Focus on progression

We focus on progression, not arbitrary levels or classes. We have a long-term-goal for your child: To graduate as a complete swimmer. We measure mastery of skills, not just class completion, as a sign of readiness to move on.

Established in 1993

Hundreds of thousands of safer, more confident swimmers are swimming today after graduating with FOSS.

The Swim Path™ curriculum

Foss Swim School has determined what skills to teach in what order for optimal learning over the past 25 years. This Swim Path™ curriculum lays out a personalized sequence of classes that moves swimmers along their path through skill progression that leads to graduation as a competent swimmer.  

Learn to swim at any age, with any level of skill

The Swim Path™ accounts for students’ individual differences, lays out a path of skill progression, and groups students together by similar age and skill.

Three progressions for
different goals 

  1. Learn to Swim helps students develop water safety skills and master four key strokes
  2. Swim Stronger focuses on stamina and strength
  3. Swim Faster prepares students to swim competitively

Swimmers Guaranteed®

We believe we can teach anyone to be a stronger, safer, more confident swimmer. We work together with parents to overcome challenges and build trusting relationships with students.

Tuition for once a week group classes and camps

Sibling pricing – have multiple swimmers in your immediate family?
Enjoy a reduced per lesson rate for multiple children.**

  • 3:1 student/teacher ratio in ‘ones’ levels in our Learn-to-Swim progression
  • Tuition may be paid in full or via installment payments. Installment payments are only available on once-a-week classes.
  • Swim when it makes sense for your family and your schedule. Sessions offered by quarter, not on-going.
  • Semi-private and private lessons available. $50/lesson for semi-private and $99/lesson for private. Please contact your school for more info and availability.

*Pricing based on program – Backfloat Baby, Learn-to-Swim, Swim Stronger, Swim Faster. Log in/create your Family Account to view pricing for your swimmer’s class.

Meet Brody
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Meet Brody

Like other FOSS students Brody loves swimming! Follow him as he experiences his lesson at FOSS.

Great teachers and people

A school is only as good as its faculty and staff. That’s why we believe Foss Swim School is the best swim school around.

The same leaders for over 25 years

Jon and Susan Foss co-founded Foss Swim School out of a rented pool and were the only two employees. Every improvement since reflects their vision and passion – and they’re still here.

Employees who love what they do

We hand-pick teachers and staff who are outgoing, love working with kids, and are driven to help our students succeed by delivering progress and fun the FOSS way.

You are part of the FOSS family

Families that swim with FOSS aren’t just customers, they are part of our family. We understand your child, your busy schedule, and your concerns. We will work hard to accommodate you and your swimmer.

What FOSS families have to say

Personal passion for safety

At our core, our mission is to make people of all ages safer and more confident around water, so they can Love Water™ and all it brings to their lives. 

Jon’s Story

Co-founder Jon Foss was taught to respect the water and embrace swimming by his mother, who lost a sibling to drowning. His curriculum and approach make safety a top priority and recognize that kids swim best when they learn to love water. 

Water Safety Day

One week during both our Fall and Spring Quarters, we have all of our students review and practice key water safety activities, and review with families basic water safety tips.

Safety as a pathway to fun

Our curriculum teaches developmentally-appropriate safety skills at every age and ability level. This creates more confident swimmers and parents, allowing families to enjoy the water together.   

Getting started on your Swim Path™

Begin or continue your swimmer’s journey on the Swim Path™  at your local Foss Swim School. There are many ways to swim with us – find the one that fits your family.

Find your Swim Path™ 

Use our Swim Path™ tool to determine the best first class for your swimmer.

Family Fun Swims, Fun Meets and Skill Clinics

More ways to swim and practice skills outside of lessons.

Schedule a
Preview Class

Set up a time to experience FOSS for yourself. Meet a teacher, experience a class, and get a personalized level recommendation.

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