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How we're taking action to ensure a safer environment for our families and staff that goes beyond water safety

How we're taking action to ensure a safer environment for our families and staff that goes beyond water safety

Updated 5/27/2020

A note from Susan Foss, our CEO

Safety is our #1 priority around water. This has always been included in our approach to both water safety education and facility safety measures and design. 

Throughout the time we have been closed we have been encouraged and inspired by messages from all of you about wanting to see your teachers and to get back to swimming. We’re also encouraged by all of you who have enrolled for Summer. We miss you and we miss swimming too! Thank you for your patience as we have all been working through this. 

Again, safety is at the core of what we do. We have been following government and health department guidelines to create a comprehensive plan that ensures that when we are able to open we have a safer environment for everyone. We have outlined a few points in our current plan below. It is subject to change. However, we want to share some of what we know now.

Thank you for your patience and for choosing to swim with FOSS.
We can’t wait to see you back in the pool soon!

– Susan Foss, CEO

Safer families & swimmers

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Family Self-Screenings

People with these symptoms or combinations of these symptoms will be asked to NOT enter the building:

  • Cough
  • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
  • Fever
  • Chills
  • Muscle pain
  • Sore throat
  • New loss of taste or smell
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1 Adult per 3 Swimmers + 10 minutes

A single parent or guardian may accompany one student, and up to three students in the same family. Please help us limit the total number of persons in the building.

Arrive no earlier than 10 minutes before your class is scheduled to start.


Class & Ratio Changes

In order to adhere to proper social distancing we’re reducing the number of classes scheduled at a given time. We’re also reducing the ratio of some classes.

All classes will be 30 minutes. This includes classes that were previously 45 and 60 minute classes.


Come Dressed to Swim 

Arrive in your suit. This will reduce the number of persons in the changing areas at any given time.

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One Way 

One way traffic through the building will assist us all in keeping distance.


Designated Seating

Designated seating will be available to assist us in keeping social distance of 6ft (2 meters).

Safer together



We will be increasing our already rigorous cleaning and sanitization protocols, including more frequent handwashing and the cleaning of high-touch surfaces like doors handles and bathroom fixtures.

Toys and pool equipment will also be treated on a more frequent schedule.


Water & Fresh Air

We will continue to maintain our already high standards in the filtration, including secondary ultra violet filtration. We will also continue to properly balance our chlorinated water and HVAC systems to keep clean water and fresh air flowing through the building.



Please wash your hands often.

Soap and hand sanitizer selected for properties to kill viruses will be available.

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Bring Your Googles

Swimmers will be required to bring their own goggles until further notice.

Goggles will be available for purchase in the Swim Shop while supplies last.


Not In Use

Some swim lanes, showers, changing stalls, suit spinners as well as hand and hair dryers will be temporarily out of use.

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No Returns & Fittings

Temporarily adjusting our return policy to not allow returns.

Temporarily suspending the practice of trying out suits and goggles before purchase.

Safer staff

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Health Screening

All staff will be screened with the same questions as families as they arrive at the pool.

Staff will also receive a temperature check, before the start of each shift.



We will continue to prioritize the cleanliness of our schools for the health and safety of our families and staff by implementing increased cleaning measures.

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Face Covering

Face coverings and Super Safety Shields will be provided for staff use.


Additional Staff

Additional FOSS team members will assist us in cleanliness, One Way traffic flow and keeping distance between families.

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Social Distancing

We will be practicing social distancing around the building, including in our staff areas to keep 6ft (2 meters) between us.


Work Areas

Staff will be using one station per shift as their station, and will clean their area before, during and after use.

Summer classes at FOSS:


Summer once a week classes and camps run through September 5th
(Check your school for your start date)

Enrollment for Summer 2020 is now open:

Once a Week Classes (swim up to 12 weeks depending on your school schedule)

4 Week Camp (swim twice a week for four weeks

2 Week Camp (swim four times a week for two weeks)

Hold your spot now. Pay later.

Make Your Request: 
Select classes to hold your spot now.
After we review your request we’ll confirm your spot is being held.

Pay Later: 
7 days before your first class starts for Summer 2020 we’ll apply all credits on your account and process your payment. An email will be sent confirming details at that time. More details here.

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