Ages 3 to 5 Years

In these levels, we use imagery and games to inspire children. Even the most timid swimmer is emboldened to learn safety skills, swim freestyle and backstroke, and perfect breath control for underwater swimming.

  • LITTLE 1 30 min./class Ratio 3:1
  • LITTLE 2,3,4 30 min./class Ratio 4:1
  • Semi-private and private lessons are available. Contact your location.

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Student to Teacher Ratio: 3:1

Perfect for inexperienced or cautious swimmers. In this class, children will gain comfort in the water and master voluntary submersion of their face, independent movement on a noodle with their face in the water, back floating with a noodle, and swimming back to the wall after falling in.


Student to Teacher Ratio: 4:1

Designed for children who have already mastered the skills taught in Little 1. Skills taught include swimming independently with face in the water, flapping wings on their back with minimal support, flipping with a float, and jumping in and swimming back to the wall without a flotation device.


Student to Teacher Ratio: 4:1

In this class, children will master the “safety stroke” by paddling on their stomach, flipping over on their backs and doing birdflaps for a breath. Swimmers will also master a strong, consistent kick to aid in mastering skills they will learn in Little 4.


Student to Teacher Ratio: 4:1

Now that children have mastered forward propulsion from previous levels, they will start learning to swim with their arms out of the water by swimming freestyle and backstroke in addition to learning to swim to the bottom of the pool and rise back up for breath.

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