Ages 7 to 10 Years

Children who complete these levels will know how to do the four major strokes and kicks. Swimming short distances at “race pace,” at the highest execution of skill, students will build muscle memory and excel as peak performers.

  • BIG 1 30 min./class Ratio 3:1
  • BIG 2 30 min./class Ratio 4:1
  • BIG 3 45 min./class Ratio 5:1
  • BIG 4 45 min./class Ratio 6:1
  • BIG 5 60 min./class Ratio 7:1
  • Semi-private and private lessons are available. Contact your location.

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BIG 1 (B1)

Student to Teacher Ratio: 3:1

Swimmers will learn the front crawl with a flip breath, backstroke without flotation, and underwater swimming.

BIG 2 (B2)

Student to Teacher Ratio: 4:1

Children will master the front crawl with stop/side breaths, backstroke, and breaststroke arms.

BIG 3 (B3)

Student to Teacher Ratio: 5:1

In these 45-minute classes, instructors will break down all four strokes, aiding in the development of strong, efficient technique for freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly.

BIG 4 (B4)

Student to Teacher Ratio: 6:1

These classes are 45-minute, noncompetitive team-style workouts with an in-water instructor, and focus on refining techniques and building strength. Children will master freestyle with a rhythmic breath, backstroke with a fast, steady kick, breaststroke and butterfly. This class also includes flip-turns, swimming with a pace clock, and age-appropriate games. A fitness-style swimsuit is recommended.

BIG 5 (B5)

Student to Teacher Ratio: 7:1

These classes are 60-minute, noncompetitive team-style workouts for advanced students who want to increase endurance and polish their technique. Children will learn to swim freestyle for 10 minutes with flip-turns, swim sets against a pace clock, and master all strokes. They will also learn to perform key skills, learn interval training, sets, and correct push-offs.

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