FOSS Hold Your Spot. Pay Later.

Summer 2020!

Request your spot now.
We'll hold it for you and you can pay later.

Request your spot now.
We'll hold it for you and you can pay later.

Updated 06/01/2020

Hold your spot now. Pay later.

[Only Available for FOSS Schools in Illinois at this time]



 1. Make your request

Select classes to hold your spot now.
After we review your request we’ll confirm your spot is being held.

2. Pay Later
7 days before your first class starts for Summer 2020 we’ll apply all credits on your account and process your payment. An email will be sent confirming details at that time.


Why does it appear I need a credit card to make a request?
We require a valid form of payment to make a request and hold a class spot. However, we won’t charge your card until 7 days before your first class for Summer 2020.
Can I cancel?
Yes. Enrollments maybe cancelled 24 hours prior to the start of a session. More details.
What if Summer opens late?
Enrollments and payments will be adjusted for any missed classes at the beginning of the quarter prior to processing your payment.
Does Hold your spot. Pay later. apply to enrollments made under 7 days from when the class starts? 
No. Enrollments made under 7 days from your classes starting will be processed as the request submitted.
Will credits be applied before processing payment?
Yes. The credits you have on your account will be applied to your enrollment prior to processing payment for your summer classes.
Does my payment type change my access to this delayed payment?
No. This offer is available to all payment types.
Enrollment priority?
Requests will be processed by family status and the time stamp on the request. Current Families will be processed, then Past Families, then New Families.

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