When is the best time to start swim lessons?

FOSS lessons start as early as 6 months and offer beginner levels for all age groups.

Taking part in formal swim lessons reduces the risk of drowning among children aged 1 to 4 years. (1) Here at FOSS our Backfloat Baby® program is designed for little swimmers age 6 months to 3 years. Parents and swimmers laugh and learn together.

While there are great benefits to getting started as early as 6 months, you know what is best for your family. Because our Backfloat Baby® classes require an adult in the water, it is more important to have Mom and Dad on board for the weekly lesson. For families who prefer to wait until their swimmers can take lessons independent of a parent, we offer beginner levels for all age groups. Just remember, the window of opportunity to learn to swim well begins to close at 6 and is almost completely closed by age 11. (2)

(1) Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Unintentional Drowning: Get the Facts.

(2) Cecil Colwin, Breakthrough Swimming

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