On the Level: Making Sure Your Child is in the Right Class

At FOSS, we offer each new swimmer a level assessment to make sure they start in the right class—because placing them at the correct level ensures they’ll get the most out of each lesson, and ultimately learn the skills they need to become strong, confident...

My First Time with FOSS

I’d heard great things about FOSS from other moms. But I was still skeptical....

4 Reasons to Love Foss Swim School

When you and your loved ones are confident, safe swimmers you can enjoy these moments more and worry less. That’s why you should only trust the experts to teach your family to swim safely and effectively. Here’s four reasons you and your family will fall...


Schedule your Personal Introduction to FOSS today. Enjoy a guided tour, an in-water preview lesson* and receive the correct level placement for your swimmer and assistance setting up your Family Account and registering.

*Swimmers interested in a Baby or Adult class, we invite you to come observe one of our classes, in place of a preview lesson.

MAKE REGISTRATION REQUEST Create or Sign in to your account to select classes. See you at the pool!