Counting our Blessings in 2022 at FOSS

Every year has its challenges and triumphs – and sometimes both at once. Here at Foss Swim School, we are lucky to be able to teach both swimming and life skills, and also learn our own life lessons along the way.

As 2022 winds down, we asked team members to share some of the moments, opportunities and people they encountered in 2022 that made them grateful. Here are some of the things we heard:

Going the extra mile – and seeing the payoff

Kayla S., Office Manager at St. Paul, shared this story about one of her swimmers – a student who has faced challenges and has repeated the Little 1 level multiple times.

“It was after the leadership summit when we talked about fear, and how it makes you think you can’t do something when you actually can. That’s when it came to me that this is what was happening to my little friend on Friday mornings. I got in and swam with him for 15 minutes after his class. All it took was three weeks of extra swimming with me to have that fear in his brain not take over. After those three weeks, he was completely swimming on his own with a backpack on, and his confidence is through the roof! He is so happy and proud of what he can do in the water now. He just needed to see he could do it, and not let that fear take over his whole experience.”

Coming together with friends and peers 

Kat F. Recruiter at Systems, also looked back fondly on the lessons of the 2022 Leadership Summit in October of this past year, an annual event that brings FOSS team members from all of our schools and headquarters together in person to learn, share experiences, and help each other grow. She even got this snapshot with our founder Jon Foss while out with the team!

“I’ve been reminiscing about the Leadership Summit and it continues to make me smile. It’s so rare we get to be in one place together, and I love that we get to celebrate that!”

Watching swim progress in a family member

Cathy G. at Elmwood Park in the Chicago area was effusive about her community of coworkers and the leaders at her school, saying “They have truly stepped up in a big way this year! There’s been tons of growth in the culture at the school because of them.”

But one point of gratitude that stood out was personal:

“2022 was a huge win! My nephew Michael is a more confident swimmer because of the fun and memorable connections his teachers made this year. He went from being afraid to put his face in the water to learning Frank & Murray’s and Paint The Ceilings. He now loves the water and swimming at the lake!”

A year of new jobs, new relationships, and positive change

Nikki M. had a big year with its share of changes, as she moved between schools to take a position at our O’Fallon swim school in the St. Louis, MO area.

“2022 has admittedly been an emotional rollercoaster. Starting fresh at O’Fallon was scary, not knowing the culture, people, or families. With that said, being at O’Fallon has been a great experience. Seeing our school find success thanks to long hours and hard work has been rewarding to say the least. Our families show up for their lessons with smiles on their faces eager to learn each day!

“Our Office Manager Bailey made my transition so much easier and makes an impact here every day. Our leadership team has also grown with the addition of Jordan, who is a rockstar to say the absolute least. I am so thankful for what we have here!”

Most of all, we are grateful for our students and their families

Each of us here at Foss Swim School is grateful to the families who entrust us with the privilege of teaching your kids to swim and grow as people, and for letting us experience the joy they bring to the world every day. Over the course of 2022 we’ve seen our communities and families come back together after a tumultuous few years, and we’re grateful to still be doing what we love: sharing the love of water with another generation of swimmers.

We wish you a safe, wonderful 2023 and hope it is filled with opportunities to have fun in the water!

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