Appreciating All The Teachers at Foss Swim School

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week! While you are celebrating all the teachers in your life, be sure to also recognize all the amazing teachers who work here at Foss Swim School. Teaching kids to swim is about more than skills and technique – it’s about building relationships and trust, and the art of making learning fun.

Speaking of art, we especially enjoy it when our students use their artistic talents to share a thank you, an “I’m sorry,” or a story with their swim teachers. We share a selection of pieces that our students’ creations here, so everyone can appreciate how much our teachers are appreciated!

The Story of the Easter Bird

The closing line is “It learned how to fly at Foss Flying School and learned to swim at Foss Swim School.” Honestly, Foss Flying School sounds like the best idea ever.

We All Have Those Days

Here, Ava apologizes for being sassy. Apology accepted, and we appreciate your thoughtfulness – and the fact that you drew yourself “with long ears so Miss Mya will think it’s funny.”

Not 100% Sure What’s Happening Here…

…but we’re pretty sure it’s happening with enthusiasm and joy! Thanks for the note!

Swimming is Good for the Brain

And finally, our student Micah wrote a note in a complicated code that needed to be deciphered. The revealed message: “Thank you for being mi swim teceer.” You are very welcome, Micah, and thank you for being our student – and thanks to all our teachers for creating such a fun and welcoming space for our students to learn!


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