Back to Swim School, Back to Fun: One Mom’s Experience

When we wrapped up our swim lesson on March 17, 2020, we thought we’d be back to our weekly lessons at FOSS in a few weeks. Little did we know, our family would be taking a two-year break from my kiddo’s favorite activity. 

So when we told our now 6-year-old that she’d be returning to swim lessons this spring, she was SO excited! And a little nervous—would she remember how to do Chop Chop Timbers? Who would her teacher be? Would she know how to put goggles on by herself?

But with summer vacations planned (hello, Disney World!) and plenty of swimming in our future, we knew we needed to get back to swim school. We have a summer full of plans, and want to be prepared. Here’s how returning to swim school after a break has turned out for us.

Swim School is Kind of Like Riding a Bike

Once we arrived at our first lesson this spring, our swim school muscles were activated and we knew where to go and what to do. But one of the reasons why we love FOSS is because there were teachers and helpers around every corner to answer questions—just in case we needed a little guidance. 

My kiddo leveled up from Littles to Bigs, but many of the in-water exercises and skills they work on are still the same. From tiger paddles to pancake flips, my kiddo *did* remember (with a little help from her teacher) how to do most activities and go with the flow of a swim lesson. The biggest change we saw after our break? How much her confidence and independence in the water has grown. Mastering the “easier” skills (her words!) that they’ve repeated over and over again has given her the confidence to learn new/more challenging skills, set goals, and want to come back to swim lessons every week. 

The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same

A lot has changed in the last few years, but a lot has also stayed the same. My kiddo still LOVES being in the water and going to swim lessons. It’s still difficult to put dry clothes on damp little legs. High fives from teachers are still an incredible way to motivate kids and get smiles on their faces. FOSS teachers are still the most amazing people and have a knack for making meaningful connections. 

We’re so glad to be back at swim school, and are feeling like we’re more prepared for a summer of fun! 

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