Our Swim Teachers’ Alter Egos

If you’ve been to a Foss Swim School, you know that we are lucky to employ some of the friendliest, most helpful, most outgoing people. But if you don’t get in the pool, you might not know that many of our FOSS teachers also have secret identities – alter egos that come out when they get in the water.

It shouldn’t be a total surprise: If you spend many hours a week working with and teaching children, especially when you add in the fun-amplifying catalyst of water, it’s only natural that your silly side will float to the surface. (And, of course, it’s also part of our teaching philosophy – first laughter, then learning.)

To give you a little introduction to the folks our students get to swim with every day, here’s a quick gallery of some of the alternate faces of FOSS you might encounter.


He’s good at getting a laugh, AND teaching about buoyancy.

Mrs. Freeze

When you work around 91-degree water all day, sometimes you just want to cool down a little. (On the other hand, sometimes the Freezlings come in for a dip – although they don’t hang around long!)

Sham the Squid

Who has eight arms, two thumbs, and loves to teach swimming? THIS GUY!


Things didn’t work out so well for Tokyo when he came out of the water, so we try to keep him in the pool as much as we can.

The Dancing Queen

Swimming is all about rhythm and motion – a perfect combination for our dance-inclined students! (Perhaps our instructor learned something from Bob Foss-ey?)


Only this shark dwells on land, and his advice is DO go in the water!

The Prince of Paw Patrol

Usually they’re out saving the day, but sometimes they need saving from the bottom of the pool – and our students are only too happy to help!

As you can see, FOSS is focused on making swim school a fun place for our students. What we take seriously is our mission: helping swimmers learn the skills that will help them be safer and more confident around water. When we do that, it opens up a world of water-related activities and fun that families can enjoy forever.

It’s a big job, but as you can see, we have the just the right people for it. So the next time you stop by your local Foss Swim School, keep your eyes open – you never know who you’ll meet!

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