February 16th – Spring Quarter 2021 Enrollment FAQ

Thanks for your overwhelming interest in Spring Quarter swimming at FOSS this morning! We apologize for any inconvenience this caused you during your morning routine. Here are the answers to a few of your questions.

1)   I registered this morning and my enrollment still says pending, when will I be confirmed? 

Fantastic. Welcome to Spring. The status of your enrollment request will change to Enrolled after a FOSS Enrollment specialist reviews it and places your student into a class. If we have any questions we’ll contact you by phone.  


2)   When will I receive confirmation of payment? 

After you’re enrolled in the class, we’ll charge your form of payment and you’ll receive payment confirmation via email, please note this is a manual process and can take a few days. 


3)  I registered my child this morning for Spring Quarter and need to make a change to my enrollment, how do I do this? 

Please contact your school with your changes. Our enrollment team can make an update to your original request. 


4)   Will my credit be applied to my request? 

Credits on your account will be applied to your request and will be displayed in Summary screen before you hit Submit! Next, your credits will be applied to your tuition before we process your payment.  


5)   How do I sign up for semi private or private lessons? 

Available semi private and private lessons are shown in class search with a black circle. If you’d like a different day and time, please contact your school.


Step 1: Log into your account on app or website 

Step 2: Go to “Swimmers” tab and select “Find Classes” 

Step 3: Select Day/Time desired and filter “class type” to “once a week” 

Step 4: Filter “levels” for each student and select “private/semi private at the top 

Step 5: Select school and Spring 2021 

Step 6: Click on desired class and “add to cart” and check out. 


6)   I forgot my referral code, can that be added? 

You have the code and can provide to a FOSS team member: 

Yes! It can. If you have it great, we can add a note to your enrollment request and our enrollment team will apply that code to your request prior to processing your request. Please contact your school and let them know what your code is to have it assigned to your request.   

You don’t have the code:  

Yes! If you have your friends first and last name, we can look up their referral code and add a note to your enrollment request. Our enrollment team will apply that code to your request prior to processing your request. 

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