7 Things to Know About Using Credits to Swim

We understand families are making even more thoughtful choices about how, where and when to participate in and balance all the many activities of a family.  School schedules, work schedules, sports schedules, and each family’s comfort level with engaging in these needs outside of the home are top of mind as we all live with the reality of COVID.

At FOSS, we want to make sure to provide you with as much information as possible about the safety of our schools, the options we provide for swim instruction during COVID and how to best go about finding the right time and fit for your schedule. We want you to make informed swimming decisions for your family. Please review our COVID Safety First plan for safer swimming.

Parents have been reaching out with questions about how and when to use credits and why we don’t automatically refund lesson fees. We hope to answer some of these frequently asked questions. If you have more questions that aren’t addressed below, please find us in the live chat on our website or contact your school directly.

COVID has challenged the structure of our schools, teams and organization much the same as it has for many other service providers, schools and our communities. Our founders and teammates, many of whom have been working together for decades and have pushed through hard times before, remain resolved to do everything we can to continue serving our communities. Updating our credit policy is a necessary step that we’ve designed to be as generous as we can in our new circumstances.

1. Where can I find my credit balance?

You can see your credits by accessing your Family Account.  Each time a credit is issued your Family Account will now automatically total your credits and display your available credit balance. Available credits are eligible to be used toward future lesson fees but are not refundable as cash, check or credit.


2. How do my credits get used?

Each time an enrollment request is processed, your Family Account will automatically apply any available credits to your tuition balance as you check out.


3. What credits were applied due to the COVID-related shutdowns, and when?

All classes missed due to the Coronavirus government shutdowns were proactively issued as credits to your Family Account after March 13, 2020. Any future missed classes due to a Coronavirus government shutdown (if any) will be issued as credits as well.


4. When do credits expire?

The short answer is:  Credits expire 150 days from the date of issuance.

With the opening of Fall 2020 enrollment on July 28, 2020, the former credit policy changed from never expiring to a new more realistic policy that provides families 150 days to use credits for future swim lesson fees. The disruption of COVID has challenged our organization to find more realistic ways to balance flexibility for families and the stability of the organization.

All family accounts with credit balances prior to July 28 were collectively grandfathered into the July 28, 2020 issuance date to specifically give all families with credits resulting from the COVID shutdown as much time as reasonable to use their credits.  Many families began using their credits this Summer.

This means that even if you received credits in March of 2020, as of July 28, 2020, you have through December 24, 2020 to enroll and swim in Fall 2020 and and/or Winter 2021. Winter enrollment opens Nov 17, 2020. Families choosing to enroll for Winter 2021 by Dec 24, 2020 will utilize their credits and be swimming January through March 2021.

Regardless of when credits are issued, the 150-day use of credits provides all families the opportunity to swim across the immediate three future consecutive quarters using available credits, which is about 9 months of potential swimming.

Please refer to our Policies, Terms and Conditions for more information. If we experience any future Government shutdowns, we will review the situation on a per school basis and adjust the 150-day credit policy to correspond to the specifics of each reopening date.

Update NOV 20, 2020 – Spring COVID Credit Extension


5. Can I use credits on any class type? If so, what are my options?

  • Yes, credits may be used toward lesson fees for group, private, semi – private and camp formats.
  • Beginning this summer and continuing for Fall 2020 we are offering more options for families during COVID by providing private lessons at a reduced rate of $50 and our semi – private lessons at a reduced rate of $40.
  • For Fall 2020, more prime time space in the pool, after school and weekend mornings, have been opened for private and semi – private lessons.
  • Our schools are operating at 50% capacity to our normal schedules which allows us to execute our COVID Safety First Plan with confidence.

Example: Families with credits before July 28, 2020, which now expire on December 24, 2020, can use credits for the following options:

  • Fall 1 2020 (15 weeks) Private/Semi – Private, Small Group or Camp classes
  • Winter 2021 (10 weeks) Private/Semi- Private, Small Group or Camp classes
  • Enrolling any time before December 24, 2020 provides the opportunity to swim in Winter 2021 through mid-March 2021, using credits.


6. What about refunds?

Refunds are not provided for cancelled or missed classes. We understand this might be disappointing news for some. Please know that many swim providers don’t offer credits or refunds, but instead provide makeup lessons that increase the numbers of kids in a lesson and mix cohorts of learners. We see this making it nearly impossible to maintain our safety standards and social distancing. We’re aiming to make the usage of credits for swimming flexible and reasonable so you can find an approach that works for your family. Please refer to our Policies, Terms and Conditions for more information.


7. Are the schools full and can I get in?

There is room even though we’ve limited occupancy to 50%, following local guidelines, in schools. The busy evenings and weekend mornings have the same great lessons in an environment with far fewer students and parents in the pool and on deck. Please consider flexing your schedule either earlier or later than you typically swim to find a day and time that works.


Thank You!

As COVID has progressed, so have our policies and procedures. Thank you for your patience and for choosing to swim with FOSS. We look forward to seeing you at the pool!

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