Faces of FOSS: Katrin Friday

Katrin Friday
St. Paul, MN

Do you have any nicknames students call you? 

The kids call me Kat, Ms. Kat, or Teacher Kat. 

What is your current job title at FOSS? 

I get to be a Shift Coordinator, Enrollment Specialist, and Teacher!

How long have you worked for FOSS? 

5 Years! 

 What is your favorite part of working for FOSS? 

The admirable community, the relationships we make with each other and the way that we are all very different, but come together to find success no matter what. How we are constantly trying to better ourselves, our techniques, our processes and really everything we do. I love being a part of a team that consistently is looking to innovate and improve. It’s empowering and inspiring.  

Tell us your favorite FOSS Story.

There are SO many! From the silly jokes and stories I’ve heard to the inspiring progress swimmers have made and in some cases even having saved a life. The goofy behind the scenes moments or the ways we all teach in a fun way, what to some is terrifying. It’s amazing. Really, pick any random noun, verb, or adjective and I can give you madlib-like story to match it….and I love them all! 

What is your favorite Level to Teach and why? OR What is your favorite Age Group to teach and why? 

Each level has their own unique challenges and joys – from little adorable potato babies to brave adults that are overcoming huge challenges to even be in the water, and every age in between – I love getting to see each swimmer at their level at any given moment. It’s always something different and interesting and the variety challenges me to stay flexible and open. It is one of the things I love most about FOSS.   

What is your favorite swim lesson activity to do with kids and why? 

Usually it’s doing King’s Chair because you get to know your kiddos better and share silly swim stories that then build into the rest of the class. But lately it has been Dolphin Kicks. I love turning the kiddos into dolphins and having them tell me their new dolphin names, like: Pearl, Glitter, Emerald, or Avalanche! Then I lay my arms flat and they have to “Escape the Sandbar,” which can only be done when doing the dolphin kick correctly. The kids get so into their new dolphin life they sometimes speak in dolphin the rest of the day.  

Anything else you really wish you could tell parents about you as the bring their children to FOSS? 

FOSS is the only place I know that teaches swimming through fun first and where everyone actually has fun while doing it. We cater everything to the individual swimmers’ needs while adding the science of swimming with our own patented program. It’s a great foundation to build a future of loving water in a flexible and unique way – where else could a professional mermaid work and still get to flip her fins from time to time?! I mermaid at so many birthday parties where I see so many kids that don’t know how to swim – while having acquired a life-long skill of being able to swim is really one of the best gifts anyone can give…all this is very Foss-ible when you’re at FOSS.


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