Faces of FOSS: Lauren Trimmer

Lauren Trimmer
Site Director
O’Fallon, MO

How long have you worked for FOSS?

1 year

What is your favorite part about working for FOSS?

The culture. The employees that I have met genuinely care about the school, their co-workers, and the students. It is the kind of place I want to work for, and it’s the kind of swim school I want to send my children to!

What is your favorite skill to teach and why?

I love watching younger students put their faces in the water without holding their noses or using goggles for the first time. In that moment, it is a whole new world for them!

What is your personal favorite water activity and why?

I really like boating at Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri. I don’t get to do it often, but it is a blast.

Is there anything else you wish you could tell parents as they bring their children to FOSS?

I am always amazed by the FOSS teachers and shift coordinators. As a mom, I’m nervous my kids are being difficult or worry about the teacher getting frustrated when separation anxiety hits. But if you talk to the FOSS staff, most prefer the difficult or nervous students. FOSS teachers have an amazing connection with their students, and our shift coordinators are some of the most compassionate folks I have ever met. It’s okay if your child is nervous or crying—we are in this together. Just give us time, and we can get them to love water as much as we do.

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