FOSS Insider: How we Help Swimmers Make Up a Missed Class

Life happens. Kids get sick, important plans conflict with set schedules, and families go on vacation (to somewhere with water, we hope!) While swim class is important, students just can’t always make it. Fortunately, Foss Swim School has a unique way to help keep learning on track.

We want our students to have a learning experience as similar as possible to their missed class. Over the years, we have learned that make-up lessons – “dropping” a student into another class – just doesn’t work.

Trust and familiarity are keys to learning

While the curriculum is the same, the rapport between the student and classmates is missing, which we have learned is key to a learning environment. The teacher’s knowledge of your swimmer is lost. And the balance between the other students in the class is gone.

It also isn’t fair to either the student who is making up a session or the other class. Like any group lesson, each group may progress at a slightly different rate, or have its own favorite activities, and the instructor knows exactly where their group needs to focus which may not jibe with a drop-in student.

At elementary school, they can just send home a folder with worksheets and reading assignments. At swim school, there’s just no way to send a pool home. So instead, we set aside some time each week at our locations for various ways to get more swimming time and instruction.

Better than make-up lessons

How do these options work? The student’s needs can help direct what option is the best fit, which parents can discuss with their instructor.

  • Skill clinics: If your student missed a class or needs help with a skill, a Skill Clinic provides more swimming time or allows the student to focus on a particular skill in a group setting. The Skill Clinic is run just like your group class and follows the FOSS curriculum, but the ratio is reduced by one to ensure safety.
  • Family Fun Swims: Held at each location at a pre-scheduled time, these are both recreational opportunities and a chance for students to work on the skills they may have missed. Instructors attend every Family Fun Swim and are available to provide tips for parents and swimmer to practice in the pool together.
  • Fun Meets: Sometimes what your student needs most is just pool time to get more practice. Fun Meets are a great way to get it. Held at each location at a pre-scheduled time. These are mostly recreational and really fun! They also give your student an opportunity to display their swimming skills.

Keeping the learning process moving forward smoothly

In all of these cases, the goal is to keep your swimmer progressing in their swimming skills to be a more confident swimmer!

Foss Swim School was founded by parents, and we understand all the things you have to juggle to bring your kids here – and we are grateful for how much effort you put into giving your child the gift of swimming! So when things come up and you just can’t make a class, we understand. Get in touch with your instructor and together you’ll find the best way to keep your swimmer learning.



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