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Our success teaching hundreds of thousands of kids to swim over the past 25 years has earned our weekly swim classes many devoted families, but did you know that there are more ways to swim with FOSS that go beyond classes?

Our progress-builder camps, skill clinics, family swims, and fun meets give students more ways to learn and families opportunities to enjoy the water together.
Here’s a quick rundown of all the swimming that goes on at our locations, and how to get involved.


These are “mini-classes” held weekly at many of our locations, typically during Family Fun Swims, for any students who need a little extra work, have missed a class or need to accomplish one last skill before moving to the next level. These concentrated sessions focus on the graduation skills – anything from floating to mastering a butterfly kick – and are a perfect complement to weekly classes as needed.

Get involved: Skill Clinics are for current FOSS Families. Ask about and enroll in upcoming sessions at the front desk of your location. See when Skill Clinics are scheduled at your local Foss Swim School.


A perfect way to have fun in the water with family and friends! These sessions, held at most locations on a regular basis, let FOSS families and newcomers enjoy our warm pools and toys. If your student missed a class, Family Fun Swims are also a way to get in some instruction. During a Family Fun Swim ask our instructors who are staffing the event a question or get a skill to work on.

Get involved: Registration is required for Family Fun Swims. Ask about and enroll in upcoming sessions at the front desk of your location. See when swims are scheduled at your local Foss Swim School.


For kids who like to swim fast, these non-competitive meets offer a chance to experience the excitement of swimming in a meet, while making it fun for everyone. Any student who can swim a pool length with a noodle or sandwich pack can participate. Whatever their level, they swim alongside others of their own age and skill, and everyone is rewarded for their effort.

Get involved: FOSS Fun Meets are held regularly at many locations. Advance sign-up is required by phone or at the front desk. See when meets are scheduled at your local Foss Swim School. *Insider tip – you can use your miss-a-class voucher for Skill Clinics, Family Fun Swims, or FOSS Fun Meets.


In addition to our regular classes, we also offer a series of 2 and 4-week swim camps during the summer at all our locations, where students swim 8 sessions, either four days a week for two weeks or two days a week for four weeks. During the school year, select locations offer 4-week swim camps where students swim 8 sessions two days a week for four weeks. These camps follow the same curriculum as our once-a-week classes, but with the greater repetition students tend to see faster progression. It’s a great way to learn quickly, reinforce lessons or advance in skills efficiently, and can fit with busy schedules certain times of year.

Get involved: Registration is through the same system as once-a-week classes; watch for registration to open and chose your day and time. More about our Progress Builder Swim Camps®.

We hope you have a chance to take advantage of all the swimming opportunities at Foss Swim School. Our approach is to make swimming fun and accessible, and these extras are part of how we make it happen. We’ll see you at the pool!

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