4 Keys to Staying Safer on the Water

With Summer around the corner, many of you will be in or around water. And whether your little one is a brand-new swimmer or is more advanced, it’s important that they—and you—know how to stay safer around water.

1. Location, location, location

Talk to your kids about the differences between swimming in a pool versus swimming in open water, like a river, a lake or an ocean. This helps them know what to expect so they can proceed with caution.

2. Keep your eyes peeled

Don’t ever let your kids swim unsupervised, and keep your eyes on them the entire time they’re in the water. If you’re in a group of people, take turns watching the kids in stages, so one person can always be focused on the swimmers.

3. Give them a break

Swimming is hard work, and kids can tire out quickly. Remembering to take occasional breaks lets them rest and regain strength, so they don’t run the risk of becoming exhausted while in the water.

4. Know what to look for

You know how drowning looks on TV, with the person splashing and waving around? It doesn’t look that in real life. In real life, drowning is silent. And if you don’t know what to look for, it can be easily missed. Familiarize yourself with what drowning looks like here so you won’t miss the signs. To swim is one of life’s great pleasures, but it only takes a minute or two for this fun activity to turn dangerous, or even worse. Educating yourself and your kids about how to take the proper precautions can keep you focusing on what’s important: staying safe and having fun.

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