Spring Quarter

March 13 – June 11

Available Classes:

4-Week Progress Builder Swim Camps®
2-Week Progress Builder Swim Camps®

For children that have not had formal swim instruction, select the following class:

Backfloat Baby® 1 = 6-36 months
Little 1 = 3-5 years
Middle 1 = 5-7 years
Big 1 = 7-10 years
10+ 1 = 10-13 years
Adult 1 = 13 years and up


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Year-round Once-A-Week swim lessons offer a consistent learning environment for laughter, challenges, and mastery of skills. We recommend year-round swimming to build strength, support muscle memory, and gain ability. Swimmers will receive a level recommendation detailing their progress each quarter.

Swims Per Week: 1

Total Lessons: Based on day selection and length of session

MON: 3/13 – 6/5 (11 lessons)
TUE: 3/14 – 6/6 (13 lessons)
WED: 3/15 – 6/7 (13 lessons)
THU: 3/16 – 6/8 (13 lessons)
FRI: 3/17 – 6/9 (13 lessons)
SAT: 3/18 – 6/10 (13 lessons)
SUN: 3/19 – 6/11 (11 lessons)

Contact your location if you are interested in Once-A-Week Lessons.


4-Week Progress Builder Swim Camps® offer a consistent, compact lesson format to build skills. Classes meet Tuesday and Thursday, x4 weeks, at your selected time. A great option for fitting swim lessons into a busy schedule.

Swims Per Week: 2

Total Lessons: 8 unless noted

CAMP 1: Tue/Thu, 3/21 – 4/13 (8 lessons)
CAMP 2: Tue/Thu, 4/18 – 5/11 (8 lessons)
CAMP 3: Tue/Thu, 5/16 – 6/8 (8 lessons)

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2-Week Progress Builder Swim Camps® are a great way to jump start learning for new swimmers, provide a tune-up for previous students, and give parents an understanding of their swimmers abilities. Classes meet Monday-Thursday or Tuesday-Friday, x2 weeks, at your selected time. Fit it in and learn to swim!

Swims Per Week: 4

Total Lessons: 8 unless noted

CAMP 1: Tue-Fri, 5/30 – 6/9 (8 lessons)

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Schedule your FREE Personal Introduction to FOSS today. Enjoy a guided tour and In-Water Preview Lesson with a dedicated instructor. Receive a level assessment so you can be sure to enroll in the best level for your swimmer.