Good people do good work!

great swim instructors teach great swim lessonsGood people do good work!

Get the right people on the bus…

FOSS instructors are 18 years of age or older and complete 52 hours of initial training and 108 within the first year.

We hire good people, with clean background checks, who have the ability to “light up” with real interest and energy and truly enjoy working around children. All staff are 18 years or older and are hired by the management team they will be working for. When you start with the right “stuff” it’s easy to mold and train rockstar instructors! Some companies fear turnover and “staffing”… we look forward to it! Bring it on! There are so many good people out there that would be PERFECT swim instructors here at Foss Swim School… we just have to notice them and train them… and we do!

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  1. June 4th, 2011
    1:34 pm

    Michelle Kennefick

    My girls had Jarrad two sessions ago. In their current session, half way through, they developed a fear of the water. While they are waiting for their lessons to start, Jarrad always talks to them and makes them laugh. When he sees that they are struggling to go in the water, he jumps right in and helps them get comfortable with the water. He continues to help them throughout the class. I appreciate how Jarrad goes the extra mile to make my girls feel comfortable. My girls enjoy him and on the way to swimming always ask if they are going to see him. Thank you Jarrad!

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