What do I need to bring to swim lessons?

What do I need to bring for swimming lessons?WHAT do I need to bring to swim lessons?
Start with your kids. Get them in the car and seat belt them in. In your swim bag we suggest you stuff: swim suit, swim diaper (if under age 3), suit for adult (if in Backfloat Baby classes), diapers/wipes, towels, goggles, and fins. Depending on your “routine”… families from all levels of prepared/unprepared arrive and depart from our pool. No worries! We have showers on deck that children rinse off/shampoo/condition in their suits. There are some private changing stalls and some open space benches. Unlocked cubbies to store items. Family changing rooms and men/women separately as well. Foss kids, personally, wear their suits year round and have really never seen a changing room! Brush? What’s that? Other kids come complete with pajamas, scented soaps, toothpaste, blow dryers, and milk and cookies. Literally… suit yourself! And… if you forget anything… we have extra suits, towels, goggles, and fins. We’ve got you covered! Maybe even have some extra kids if you forgot yours…

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